The Bella Experience is proud to offer a teeth whitening treatment that is guaranteed to lift your teeth 3-12 shades in one session. The products we use are made with a plant and mineral based formula and the active ingredient in our gel is a food grade hydrogen peroxide that contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel. Our FDA approved LED lights offer the most advanced and effective LED technology that is designed to accelerate the whitening process and leave you with a brighter smile in half the time as other treatments.


The Bella Experience Cosmetic Whitening gives dramatic results within an hour and last up to a year. Our in-office whitening gel is designed to give results without sensitivity. Expect to be in our office for an hour and 15 min total. We recommend not brushing at least two hours before your appointment and not eating for two hours after your appointment.

Eligibility Terms & Conditions

Teeth Whitening is a very safe process. However there are eligibility requirements. No one who is pregnant or nursing. No one who has gingivitis, tetracycline, or periodontal disease. No one allergic to cotton products or hydrogen peroxide. No one who is wearing metal braces. No one with an open or infected cavity, or oral sores. No one under 16 years of age. Please be aware that if the guest is under 18 years of age, their guardian must sign the informed consent form and be present for the application process. Consent form required. Following any cosmetic whitening procedure it is recommended to avoid staining factors for 48 hours. Regular maintenance visits are recommended every 3-6 months for optimal upkeep. Individual results may vary due to individual hygiene and consumption factors.

I Experienced Bella


  • Free consultations included
  • Friendly well trained technicians
  • Extended hours open 7 days a week
  • Easy online scheduling services
  • Safe high quality whitening gel
  • Comfortable non-invasive process
  • Specialized oral care products
  • Dramatic same day results
  • Affordable customized timed options
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Protection

Bella Xpress:

Regular $79,

(Slightly Stained)

consist of a 30 minute session that guarantees the client an average of 2-4 shades advancement. These results are noticed immediately after the process is over. It is typically utilized by those individuals that have slight stains.

Bella Platinum:

Regular $129,

(Moderately Stained)

consist of a 60 minute session that guarantees the client an average of 4-8 shades advancement. These results are noticed immediately after the process is over.  This is typically utilized by those individuals that have moderate stains.


Bella Gold:

Regular $199,

(Severely Stained)

consist of a 75 minutes session broken down into small increments. This guarantees the clients an average of 6-12 shades brighter. The results provided by this 1- hour option typically will last longer. These results will also be seen immediately and is normally performed on those individuals that have severe stains.


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